I love to travel and meticulously document my experiences in writing, drawings, photos, and collected keepsakes.  I have created this site to share my experiences.  I have a background in architecture so I tend to approach these new experiences from a design perspective, but I also try to immerse myself in the culture of my destination.

DUBLIN 8/31/13 - 9/1/13

Saturday 8/31/13

Even though I was only the passenger, driving from the airport to Dublin was a very stressful experience.  The combination of driving on the opposite side of the road, being in an unfamiliar car, and having bad maps with no idea where we were going (literally no actual destination besides ‘Dublin’) proved to be rather overwhelming.  Once we got some free Wi-Fi and figured out how to get to a hostel that we picked, the day got much better.  Our night out was wild, fun, and full of surprises and lost memories… Dublin proved to be quite the party city.

Sunday 9/1/13

Waking up on Sunday was an unpleasant experience.  My hangover took a bit away from the morning’s activities, but nothing could stop me from enjoying the beautiful campus of Trinity College.  The old stone buildings neatly arranged around the green were nice but the real treasure was inside the old library.  I found the Book of Kells to be a fascinating and incredibly detailed look at a time long gone, and I was awestruck when I walked into the main room of the library.  Like the nave of a cathedral dedicated to the worship of the written word, it drew one’s eyes up to the barrel vaulted wood ceiling and the galleries of endless old books.  The long space was lined with 2-story alcoves and tall bookshelves.  Each alcove was aligned with a tall window so that each little chapel of knowledge was brilliantly sunlit, which made for a lovely play of light as I looked down the length of the room.  I left that beautiful space so very reluctantly.  Later that night, as we were out doing some night photography, we met some strange and friendly people while wandering around.  It had been far too long since I had that special feeling that I get when I set out with no destination in the middle of the night, as I let the streets decide where I go in a foreign city.