I love to travel and meticulously document my experiences in writing, drawings, photos, and collected keepsakes.  I have created this site to share my experiences.  I have a background in architecture so I tend to approach these new experiences from a design perspective, but I also try to immerse myself in the culture of my destination.

TRIM 9/2/13 - 9/3/13

Monday 9/2/13 – Tuesday 9/3/13

We eventually found our way to Trim.  It should be noted that the decision to go there was based solely on an image of a castle on the map in the Newgrange visitors center.  We were a little nervous about finding a place to stay as we drove into town just after dark and parked on the main street.  We walked past an old stone building called the Bounty Bar, which had a sign that read “Accommodations”.  Walking into the dimly lit pub, we found a gray-haired bartender inside.  After asking about accommodations, he pulled a key from under the bar and led us upstairs to what turned out to be a nice room for a very reasonable price.  Feeling accomplished with our continued success despite lack of planning, we headed out to find some traditional music and many drinks at another pub down the street.  The musicians were very talented and played folk songs from a dark corner in the Pub.  Some dunk old men started a conversation with us and we ended up talking to them until the owner of the bar closed the place down.  In the morning we walked around the picturesque little town, and around the ruins of a castle that had led us there in the first place.  They were very impressive, and apparently we weren’t the only people who thought so, as we learned that the castle was chosen as one of the filming locations for Braveheart.