I love to travel and meticulously document my experiences in writing, drawings, photos, and collected keepsakes.  I have created this site to share my experiences.  I have a background in architecture so I tend to approach these new experiences from a design perspective, but I also try to immerse myself in the culture of my destination.


Tuesday 12/4/12

I really hate haggling and negotiating for a price to buy something.  I like the system we have in America: you go into a store intending to buy something, there is a price, and then you just pay that price and go off on your way.  No arguing, no awkward negotiation, and no time wasted.  Some people may like the thrill of shopping for the best price for an item, but I take no joy in it.  I would rather pay a higher price than have to deal with the whole uncomfortable situation.  In Kochi’s Jew Town, (yes that is really what it is called) I tried to negotiate to buy some small gifts for friends but I guess I just came off as a sucker because I could not get the merchants to come down on their prices, even when I walked out of the store.  Sometimes, I just have to say “fuck it” and go ahead and buy something if I really want it.